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March 4, 2021

Season’s premieres at TNB

The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre in Bucharest has in store, for the first half of 2011, fresh additions to its repertoire and new projects within the programmes which caught the public’s attention in the past seasons. 47 years after their debut at the National Theatre, in the play “Eminescu”, by Mircea Stefanescu, Ion Caramitru and Valeria Seciu meet, yet again, as protagonists, this time, in a Shakespearian play. “Macbeth”, by William Shakes­peare, in an original adaptation, will be one of this year’s premieres. The play is produced under the aegis of the Natio­nal Theatre’s “Ion Sava” Theatrical Creation and Research Centre and was conceived by the prestigious director Radu Penciulescu as a collective project. Theatre will also continue to explore new territories of contemporary drama, as well as the offer laun­ched to young directors. After the recent premiere of “Avalanche”, based on Turkish playwright Tuncer Cüceno?lu’s work, directed by Radu Afrim, the TNB cast will start rehearsing a play signed by Czech playwright Petr Zelenka, directed by Alexandru Mazgareanu (under the provisional title “Purification”). The cast includes Adrian Titieni, alongside other prestigious actors of the National Theatre in Bucharest: Cecilia Barbora, Afrodita And one, Dan Tudor, Brandusa Mir­cea. The “National Theatre Conferences” programme will be resumed this year, with a conference to take place on Sunday, January 16, 11:00, at the Atelier Hall.

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