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December 1, 2020

Senator Placinta’s son, investigated out of custody

The magistrates of the Bucha­rest Court of Appeal (CAB) decided, yesterday, that the son of the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) senator Sorina Placinta can be investigated out of custody, under a ban to leave the country in the following 30 days.

CAB allowed Andrei Placinta’s appeal to the decision issued, at the end of 2010, by the Bucharest Court, which extended the warrant for his arrest by 30 days.

The Bucharest Court magistrates issued, on December 8, a warrant for a 29 days’ preventive arrest in the name of Andrei Placinta, the son of PDL Senator Sorina Placinta, in a case in which the former is charged with robbery, acts of violence, vandalism, attempted murder, outrage against morality and disturbing public order.

The prosecutors found that, on the evening of December 6, on Berzei Street in the Capital, during an argument with his girlfriend, Andrei Placinta hit her and deprived her of her mobile phone and, subsequently, climbed on the bonnet and roof of her car, which he damaged, bending the bonnet and breaking the tonneau.

When two people – one constituting, now, as a witness, the other the injured party – intervened, in an attempt to defend the girl, Andrei Placinta, who was behind the wheel of a vehicle, repeatedly climbed his car on the sidewalk, meaning to injure the two. In this context, while trying to hold on to the car bonnet, one of the two, who now stands as the injured party, fell in front of the vehicle, and Andrei Placinta, by repeated manoeuvres, drove straight over him.

According to the investigators, during the unfolding of the aforementioned events, public order was disturbed, as several people gathered in the area, trying to stop the young man, one of whom came bearing a gas gun and shot several gunshots.

The young man’s lawyer claimed there is no evidence based on which Andrei Placinta can be charged with attempted murder and qualified the accident as a mere lovers’ squabble, a claim also made, yesterday, by Andrei Placinta-himself, who explained, before the magistrates, that he had acted in such a manner in the context of a lovers’ argument.

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