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June 24, 2021

Sobaru: “No regrets”

The public television electrician that jumped from a Lower Chamber balcony on December 23 stated on Wednesday, while checking out of hospital, that he has no regrets and can barely wait to be reunited with his family. “I don’t regret it, I’m not sorry. I miss the kids,” he said. “He is still weak, he has to recover, to gain strength, and then he will talk in detail about this whole situation,” Madalina Sobaru, Adrian’s wife, stated for a central daily.

According to Dr. Leonard Grecescu, the spokesperson of the University Hospital where Sobaru was hospitalized, the former patient is in a good condition, being placed on an antibiotic treatment. In the following months he will periodically come in for check-ups. Hospital director Catalin Cirstoiu stated several days ago that the psychologist that examined Sobaru noted that the patient exhibits “major depressive disorder featuring interpretative and guilt-riddled ideas.”

Adrian Sobaru (42), an electrician working with the public television, jumped from one of the Parliament’s balconies on December 23, 2010, while Premier Emil Boc was about to start his speech. The man’s gesture was caused by his inability to help his 15-year-old autistic child. The t-shirt that he wore read: “You’ve killed our children’s future.”

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