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May 12, 2021

Basescu pleads for President’s impeachment procedure change

President Traian Basescu said last Thursday, on the public TV, that in 2011 he must promote the project of revising the Constitution, including the mechanism of suspending the president, reiterating the idea that, if the president is confirmed in place by referendum, then the Parliament must be dissolved automatically. “The big challenge of the state reform is to revise the Constitution. We have a referendum that must be submitted to the Parliament, with the proposal to modify the Constitution. (…) I am obliged to reiterate it (the idea of revising the Constitution). After the troubled year 2010, I believe that 2011 – no matter how tense it will be – obliges me to promote the project of revising the Constitution. Let’s avoid all speculations; I don’t intend to go on with a very thorough revision of the Constitution that would change the system and create a new republic; instead, I will strictly pursue the goal set by Romanians: only one House with 300 legislators. Meanwhile, there are inadvertences in the Constitution, things that are unclear, which I will try to sort out without getting to the basics of the articles,” Traian Basescu explained. As examples of issues that need a clarification in how institutions operate, he gave the relations between Government and president, Government – Parliament, Parliament – President. Referring to the suspension of the president, Basescu rejected the idea of cancelling this procedure. “It must stay in place, but with political responsibility. The Constitutional Court must have a say in the decision tosuspend the president; this is a solution; another is to hold a referendum after the Parliament’s decision; if the referendum confirms the president in place, then the Parliament is dissolved. So we must find a system to balance the powers in the state that will prevent the abuse of power,” the president concluded.

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