President hints PNL leader was Securitate collaborator

In an interview to the public TV channel on Thursday evening, President Traian Basescu said the PNL-PC alliance was an admirable thing, insisting that it was normal for the left-wing to stand united. Both PC and PNL however describe themselves as centre-right parties. Furthermore, Basescu suggested that it was good PNL leader Antonescu, to whom he referred under an alleged code name “Porumbelul” (The Pigeon) is in an alliance with Felix – the code name used by the Securitate for PC founder Dan Voiculescu.
Antonescu issued a tough retort, urging President Basescu to clarify his statements in 48 hours. He reaffirmed that he never collaborated with the former communist secret police. The Liberal leader also said that if Basescu doesn’t produce evidence to back his allegations, he will prove he is a “coward” and that he is acting “like a dumb servant girl” who spreads all sorts of rumours.

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