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May 6, 2021

Teo Trandafir in hospital, under suspicion of acute pancreatitis

The former TV host, currently a Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) deputy, Teo Trandafir, was checked, on Thursday, into the Elias Hospital, at the Gastroenterology ward, under suspicion of acute pancreatitis, after undertaking tests and a tomography. She ended up in hospital on Thursday, after feeling sick for two days. “They told me my organism caved in because of stress and exhaustion. I had a biliary crisis. I’ve been feeling sick for two days, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. In the morning I had to go to hospital. I thought my pain would subside, but it didn’t. The doctors got me straight on perfusions, they told me I have to eat three meals a day, at regular intervals, and that I should sleep more. They told me I should lead a more organized life and should keep a strict meals’ and sleep schedule,” Teo Trandafir stated, for showbiz.ro. According to hospital officials, Teo will remain in hospital until she fully recovers.

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