Unusual protests at gas stations

More and more Romanians join forces on forums or social networks to block the activity of gas stations or car-lift companies. For some time now, Romanians seem to have left behind traditional forms of protest. Many of those dissatisfied – who feel cheated by the banks or see themselves as victims of the unwarranted hike in fuel prices – meet on social networks or forums and organize “guerrilla fights”. Such “fights” are spreading throughout Romania, Evenimentul Zilei reports. Several hundred car-owners in Sibiu, Deva, Constanta and Iasi protested in the gas stations, trying to draw attention to the fact that fuel prices have soared too high. In Constanta, protesters pasted on their cars posters saying “Bulgaria, we want to be your sons” and drove in line through Mamaia. In Sibiu, a driver asked for RON 15-worth of fuel, while drivers in Deva promised they would go on “picketing” gas stations in the city tomorrow. “It is unacceptable. In America, petrol is cheaper than still water here, and Americans protest against the fact the price of gas over there rose to USD 1.2 a gallon (e.n. 3.8 litres). We are the only ones who put up with this,” a driver in Deva stated. Protesters purchased petrol in tiny portions, in some cases, no more than 100 millilitres. Others bought RON 5 or 10 worth of fuel and insisted on paying in 1 ban-coins. They stated they would try to stage another protest, hoping they may persuade more people to join in.

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