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September 19, 2021

Children’s Comic Opera presents show in Arabian Desert

“Romanian Amazing Country” will be presented in world premiere by the Children’s Comic Opera, on Monday, on a stage specially set up for the little artists in the middle of the Arabian (Natswa) Desert, in Dubai, Agerpres reports.

Distinguished guests of the “Dubai Festival 2011 – International Town Fair Festival”, attended, for one month, by hundreds of artists from all over the world, the artists of the Comic Opera, with director Smaranda Oteanu-Bunea at the forefront, were treated as “Guest Stars” by the organizers and offered the possibility to perform in an original “setting”.

The Comic Opera troupe, which will perform a musical-choreographic mosaic, made up of songs and dances from the Romanian and international repertoire, includes the young soloists Roberta Enisor and Bogdan Serban, alongside the dancers Theodora Munteanu, Andrei Ardelean, Mihai Pricope, Claudia Iagar, Andreea Soare, Alexandru Corneanu, Ionut Birjovanu, Alis Gheorghe, Daniel Manea and Octavian Iuga.

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