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October 5, 2022

Ciuhodaru, MP-MD, charged with achieving “illegal income”

The physician Tudor Ciuhodaru was released, yesterday, from the office of spokesman for the “Sfantul Ioan” Hospital, after an internal investigation concluded he had made RON 29,343 by signing forged timesheets. According to the results of an internal hospital investigation, the MP-MD was recorded as present, on the same days, both in hospital and in the Chamber of Deputies. The hospital board denies the investigation is in any way connected with the political life of the doctor who recently joined the National Liberal Party (PNL)-Conservative Party (PC) Alliance. “The doctor was aware, ever since December, that we had started an internal investigation, as we’ve deliberately called his attention to the matter. At the time he wasn’t a member in any party. The fact that the two events should coincide has nothing to do with it and is irrelevant,” the hospital manager, Vladimir Poroch, stated, quoted by adevarul.ro. “Dr. Ciuhodaru violated legal provisions, which state that, as a deputy, he can work up to 50 per cent of the normal working hours. We sustained a RON 29,343-damage, which we wish to recover by withdrawing the amount out of the doctor’s wages,” Poroch added.

In turn, Dr. Tudor Ciuhodaru argues the findings of the investigation are related to his joining the Centre-Right Alliance. “I’ve tallied my actual working hours. I am amazed that such a decision should be made in less than 24 hours since my joining the Centre-Right Alliance and it is worth wondering why these problems are made public now, of all times, if they are alleged to have existed since 2009,” the doctor stated.

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