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June 26, 2022

Daciana and Victor Ponta contradict each other regarding the holiday house in Cornu

In 2010, Romanian MEPs increased their bank accounts, built themselves new houses, bought apartments in Brussels, and collected more jewels. A few of them also put some money aside.

According to “Gandul”, PSD MEP Adrian Severin is among the wealthiest Social-Democrats, as he was able to accumulate nearly half a million EUR in one year and a half. According to his latest wealth statement, at the end of 2010, he and his wife possessed RON 234,497, EUR 843,282 and USD 35,936, meaning a surplus of EUR 475,201 from 2009.

MEP Daciana Sarbu, the wife of PSD leader Victor Ponta, wrote in her wealth statement that she built a new holiday house in Cornu, with a total area of 200 square meters, and she was able to increase her personal savings to EUR 74,000, from EUR 46,000 at the elections’ moment. She already had a house in Cornu, which she had bought in 2001. Other PSD members who own houses in Cornu are Adrian Nastase, the president of the party’s National Council, and Daciana’s father Ilie Sarbu, the father-in-law of Victor Ponta.

PSD President Victor Ponta yesterday rejected as “nonsense” the news about his wife Daciana having two holiday houses in Cornu, although both properties are mentioned by her wealth statement. The second holiday house of Daciana Sarbu is listed as being in construction since 2010.

The daughter of President Basescu, MEP Elena Basescu, saved more than EUR 23,000 in 2009 and 2010, and paid about half of a bank loan maturing in 2012. Additionally, she acquired silver watches and jewels worth EUR 2,500. According to her wealth statement, the president’s youngest daughter kept her Range Rover automobile (made in 2007) and opened two current accounts in ING Bank, in 2009, where she was able to save some EUR 23,000. Furthermore, she was able to repay more than half of a loan taken in 2007 and maturing in 2012, i.e. some EUR 8,500, out of a total EUR 16,500. According to her statement, the MEP received from the European Parliament a sum of EUR 38,000 for transport and daily expenses, plus an additional EUR 25,200 to cover the expenses of her MEP cabinet.

Liberal MEP Norica Nicolai preferred to save her money in bank, rather than buy new assets. From incomes of approximately RON 100,000 in 2009, the Nicolai family jumped to EUR 34,000 and RON 44,000 in 2010.

Liberal MEP Cristian Busoi purchased in 2009 an apartment in Brussels, which adds to the two apartments he already owns in Bucharest. The value of his watches and jewels increased from EUR 15,000 to EUR 17,000.

According to his wealth statement, European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos bought in 2009 (a year when he had no paid job) a plot of 10,000 sq m of intravillage land, while in 2010 he purchased a Nissan Qashqai automobile.

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