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May 16, 2021

Coco Ionescu, the youngest female climber to ascend Mt. Vision

Crina Coco Popescu, a 16-year-old Romanian alpinist, became the world’s youngest female climber to ascend Mr. Vision, Antarctica’s highest mountain peak. She accomplished the deed on Jan. 4 of this year, part of “Antarctica 2010 – 2011”, her most important mountain climbing expedition to date. This is the sixth peak reached by the Romanian of the Seven Summits circuit, with Everest the only peak remaining to crown her achievement. “It’s been a long climb, nearly 12 hours, yet, it did not pose any special problem to me. Close to 18 hours after I started, amid favourable yet frosty weather of – 30 to – 35C, and after a descent peppered with small incidents, I finally got to enjoy the warmth of my sleeping bag, Coco Popescu recounted. “We are now back at the base camp of Union Glacer and I’m readying for my next climbing, Sidley, Agerpres cited the young alpinist as saying.

Mount Sidley, 4,285m, and Vinson respectively, the latter being Antarctica’s highest volcanic peak, are therefore Crina’s next targets which, once accomplished would make her the world’s first female climber to complete the Seven Volcanoes circuit consisting of the highest volcanic peaks of the world’s seven continents.

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