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December 7, 2021

Man who tried to kill Ceausescu dies

The dissident Raul Volcinschi died, at 87. In 1956, he was one of the people behind the anti-communist uprisings in Cluj, he escaped from the Securitate’s local dungeons, and, in 1983, took part in a plot meant to overthrow Nicolae Ceausescu, “Romania Libera” reports. Volcinschi formed a group which planned an attack against Ceausescu, a group which included the former mayor of Cluj, between 1944 and 1948, Tudor Bugnariu, the former dean of the Faculty of Law, Simion Pop, and the former professor of Law Mircea Stoica.
The four intellectuals persuaded a group made up of three young workers to carry out the attack, because they were under constant watch by the Securitate. The three workers broke into a militia station in a village, whence they stole the weapons they were supposed to use to assassinate Ceausescu. However, the plot was discovered by the Securitate. Although they were tortured, the three workers refused to disclose the names of their accomplices.

After joining the National Peasant’s Party in 1990, Volcinschi became a member of Gigi Becali’s entourage and his name came up in the “Valiza” case.

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