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June 26, 2022

Masca Theatre inaugurates new stage hall

The Masca Theatre inaugurates a new stage hall in Bucharest, which will bear the name “Jacques Lecoq”. The new hall will be opened to the public on Wednesday, January 12, starting 8:30 pm, with the play “Iunia”, by Ioana Macarie, starring Anamaria Pislaru. The new hall covers 100 sq m and can seat up to 50-60 spectators. According to the director of the Masca Theatre, Mihai Malaimare, “the new venue will host alternative performances, restless, disquiet shows, which will try to find different answers to the question which has yet to be given a final answer: what is theatre?”

By this new hall, the Masca Theatre aimed at centralizing its activity in a single building, in Militari, on the Uverturii Boulevard. The new buil­ding has three stories and includes, alongside the “Jacques Lecoq” performance hall, offices and guest rooms. Up to now, the Masca Theatre has operated in two buildings, one in Militari, the other in Bucurestii Noi. The Masca Theatre was founded in 1990 by the actor Mihai Malaimare. The theatre’s artists offer performances both in theatre halls and in various unconventional venues.

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