Orban within a hair of being sanctioned, Saftoiu facing exclusion

PNL sources have told Hotnews.ro that party President Crin Antonescu was going to ask the Political Bureau to decide sanctions against Ludovic Orban over his recent statements against the PNL-PC Alliance. The same sources claim Adriana Saftoiu is facing exclusion of PNL.

‘The PNL president has been put out by their public positions against the alliance with PC. No other Liberal will dare criticise the PNL-PC Alliance in the future, although there are more than four MPs who are not happy about it. All dissidence against Antonescu is excluded because he has the unconditional support of the local organizations and that, any Liberal who will criticize him in public will be executed by Voiculescu’s TV stations,’ PNL inside sources said.

‘The president will not hesitate to exclude Adriana Saftoiu from the party; she is not very much appreciated in PNL anyway,’ the same sources pointed out. Yesterday, the head of the Liberal political group in the Senate asked Adriana Saftoiu to observe the decisions made by the party, but added that her exclusion was not necessary. ‘I don’t believe Mrs. Saftoiu should be excluded from the party, but I do demand that she respect PNL decisions. Before the party made its decision, she had been free to say everything she waned, but once a decision has been made, it has to be complied with. Mrs. Saftoiu, Mr. Luca, each of them must observe it. There is no other way,’ Hasotti was quoted by Realitatea.net as saying.

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