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May 25, 2022

Fourteen remanded in Bucharest over illegal driver’s license case

Five employees with the Bucharest Department of Licensing and nine driving instructors taken into custody for influence peddling, and giving and taking bribe were put under preventive arrest after the Bucharest Tribunal gave its nod for 29-day arrest warrants in their name,” ‘Romania Libera’ online reports.

Lawyers for the 14 appealed the Bucharest Tribunal ruling. The 14 offenders are charged with influence peddling, and bribe-giving and taking, as they allegedly helped several persons pass the practical driving test in exchange for sums of EUR 200 to 300, deeds prosecutors established to have been committed June-December of 2010.

The fourteen culprits were held Wednesday afternoon after searches at home and the Bucharest Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Department conducted by prosecutors with the Bucharest Tribunal and officers at the General Anti-corruption Directorate.

According to Bucharest prosecutors, the five officers are charged with receiving money from driving instructors even in their own homes or meetings arranged at petrol stations and elsewhere in order to get ‘information’ about the ‘customers’. Bogdan Staicu, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Tribunal, said that those who wanted to be sure they would pas the practical driving test without a problem, paid the police agents EUR 200 to 300, with driving instructors acting as middlemen.

The instructors passed on to the police the money along with notes including candidates’ names, and the date and time the tests were scheduled. Staicu said the probe only dealt with the practical test, as no frauds were found surrounding the theory driving test. The coded telephone conversations included information on money and candidate personal data.

Prosecutor Staicu would not provide any answer to questions about how many denounces were made on the case and whether there were candidates who flunked the test despite having paid the demanded amount.

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