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December 3, 2021

Labour Minister tells jobless to ‘be patient’ or look for work elsewhere

People who are looking for a job should either be patient until such opportunities arise or should look for jobs in other counties, Labour Minister Ioan Botis said on Friday in Bistrita, quoted by Agerpres.
The minister added that there are enough jobs available nationwide and that as soon as the cold season ends, their number will rise.

“I will never be a supporter of the idea of granting social aid to those who have the capacity to work and have the chance to work. There is always this debate that there aren’t enough jobs. Look at the number of jobs offered by ANOFM (e.n. National Employment Agency) – in the good periods, we had 10-11,000 jobs and in worse periods we had 5-6,000, but this variation proves (…) that we have jobs available,” Botis said. He added that the economy is showing signs that the labour market is beginning to settle and it “open to all those interested in working.”

The minister also suggested that those who cannot find an adequate job in their native county should go seek employment in other areas. “I wish you had a little patience and you will see that in February and March, the number of available jobs will grow,” he said. In the same conference, the minister also talked about concerns that mothers who go on parental leave might lose their job. “No mother will be laid off during the two years (of parental leave), under any circumstances,” the minister added. Botis also underlined that under a recent government ordinance, mothers who will “have the courage” to return to work a year after giving birth will have their job guaranteed for six months, plus they will receive a RON 500 bonus. The minister also talked about the controversial new classification of Romanian trades, which includes professions such as fortune tellers, escorts and valets, giving birth to amusement in parts of the media at the idea that the government will move to tax witches as well. Botis said that witches and fortune tellers cannot be taxed because their trade doesn’t exist and has no occupational standard in national and EU regulations.

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