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May 24, 2022

Romanian public library to open in Montreal

Almost 8,000 volumes will be dispatched, this year, in mid-February, to Montreal, to make up the book fund of the first Romanian public library in Canada, a project initiated, in 2007, by the “Biblioteca Romaneasca” Cultural Foundation’s Initiative Council, under the patronage of the Foundation’s honourary president, Mircea Albulescu. “We are part of an extremely varied federal community, where each national segment defends, preserves and promotes its own values and traditions, so as not to lose that which defines it as a nation. Our affective motivation for our involvement in such an important project is the diluted state of Romanian cultural values in the hearts and minds of each and everyone of us and of our children, taking us further and further away from the Romanian language, literature and culture,” the Initiative Council explains. The library was founded thanks to the generosity of the almost 100 donors, including the Royal Family, publishing houses, county libraries, printing houses, foundations and individuals. It will be set up, in the first year, in a building in the CND quarter, where the Romanian community is well-represented. The initiators of the project hope that at least a third of Romanian-speaking community in the Montreal area – about 60,000 Romanian citizens, plus the approximately 7,500 Romanians from Moldova – will visit the library. Alongside the Chinese, Russians, Italians, Portuguese, Italians, Mexicans or Germans, the Romanian community will have, as of this year, its own public library, joining the ranks of the public libraries in the Montreal area – a total 47.

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