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August 5, 2021

Two dead, one injured in separate armed incidents

At least three incidents involving firearms were reported nationwide over the weekend, according to Rea­litatea.net. In one of the cases, a man was shot dead by a security guard who tried to prevent him from fishing illegally in a Crevedia Lake. Moreover, the security guard and the killed man were cousins, ac­cording to the TV station. The guard says that he shot his cousin in self defence. “He came at me with a knife. I wanted to fire upwards. We were relatives. I’m sorry about what happened but this is it,” the guard said. He was detained for 24 hours pending investigations, police said. In Buzau County meanwhile, the secretary of the Patarlagele Hunters’ Association was found dead after being shot in the face during a hun­ting party. Pompiliu Neacsu went boar hunting with 14 others on Sa­turday. Shortly afterwards, the other hunters noticed he was missing and eventually found him dead. Friends of the victims say he might have shot himself by accident, but fellow hunters don’t rule out the possibility that he was killed by a stray bullet. Police are analysing all guns used in the hunt. And in Ru­pea, Brasov County, a Roma man was severely injured during a bar brawl. The man was shot with a rub­ber ball gun, twice in his shoulder and leg. The assailant is apparently a famous businessman in the town. The brawl started after the vic­tim reportedly refused to give a cigarette to the businessman, police said.

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