PC: Ombudsman refused to file child-rearing benefit suit at CC

The president of the Conservative Party (PC), Daniel Constantin, stated yesterday that the Ombudsman had rejected the Conservatives’ petition for a suit at the Constitutional Court (CC) in the matter of the child-rearing benefit. The PC leader explained he had called on the Ombudsman to file a complaint at CC, calling attention to the violation of the Constitution by the child-rearing benefit ordinance, particularly as the Anti-Discrimination Council had deemed it an instance of discrimination. According to the latter, the Ombudsman had stated he would not notify the Constitutional Court as he was not “persuaded” the Court’s decision would be a favourable one. “He told me he would not file a suit unless he was persuaded the Court would declare the ordinance unconstitutional”, Constantin explained. He added that PC would contest the child-rearing benefit ordinance at CC when this is adopted. Constantin further stated PC offers free legal advice to mothers who wish to sue and that he was considering filing a suit against each act issued by the Labour Ministry to reduce the benefit.

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