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January 27, 2022

Dilema Veche magazine comes of age

The Silver Church club will host, on Thursday, an anniversary party marking the18th birthday of the “Dilema Veche” magazine. The event will be opened by Andrei Plesu and followed by a Sarmalele Reci and Mircea Vasilescu Band shows. Participants are invited to abide by the slogan: “No dress code, but dilemmas are a must”. The anniversary will also be marked in the magazine, by a special feature.

Today, the “Dilema Veche” club organizes a meeting with the public and a talk with Andrei Plesu (founding director), Radu Cosasu (writer) and Mircea Vasilescu (editor-in-chief). The anniversary debate on the topic “Dilema Veche comes of age: how we celebrated the transition” will take place, starting 7 pm, at the “Horia Lovinescu” Hall of the Nottara Theatre in Bucharest. Entry is free of charge, within the limits of seats available. The hosts of the debate will be Andrei Plesu, Radu Cosasu and Mircea Vasilescu. “Since January 14, 1993, we published 559 issues under the heading ‘Dilema’ and 361 as ‘Dilema Veche’. For 920 weeks, the world we live in was confronted with dilemmas voiced, throughout the years, by over one thousand various collaborators – from prestigious intellectuals to high school students, from politicians to artists,” Mircea Vasilescu told “Adevarul”.

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