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December 4, 2021

Planes delayed on account of fog

Three domestic flights and two international ones bound for the Otopeni Airport were delayed by up to three hours, on Tuesday morning, on account of fog. According to the airport’s representative, Mihaela Chiril, quoted by Mediafax, the two international flights were expected to arrive from Istanbul and Chisinau, and the three domestic flights were coming from Suceava, Baia Mare and Timisoara. The representatives of the Sibiu Airport also announ­ced that a Tarom flight that was supposed to arrive, on Tuesday morning, from Bucharest and head to Munich, was cancelled on account of the fog. “The passengers who were supposed to depart to Munich, from Sibiu, will be transferred on a Lufthansa flight,” Iuliana Oprita, spokesperson for the Sibiu Airport, stated. Traffic was also slowed down, yesterday, on several national and county roads, as well as on certain sections of the two highways, again, as a result of fog. According to the Infotrafic Centre, on some portions, the visibility range was reduced to maximum 50 metres yesterday morning.

According to meteorologists, the weather will remain exceedingly warm until Friday, and temperatures will remain above the January average. However, temperatures will drop gradually, by 1 to 2 centigrade, every day. Today, rain and sleet will start falling in the West. From Thursday on, the weather will turn bleak across the country and there will be conditions for snow in the mountains and in Northern Moldavia. On Thursday, however, meteorologists forecast a maximum temperature of 9 centigrade.

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