Young woman stabs husband witness-a four-year-old child

A 23-year-old woman killed her husband, on Monday night, after a fight sprung, it appears, from financial problems and excessive drinking. What is worse, the entire scene was witnessed by their four-year-old son. The woman was detained by the police for 24 hours. The scandal broke out as soon as the man came back from work. After a bout of drinking, the two spouses starting hurling reproaches at each other. The man accused the woman of cheating on him, while she took him to task claiming he didn’t make enough money. At some point, reaching the end of her tether, the woman took a knife and stabbed the man in the neck. The neighbours heard screaming, but say they were not particularly concerned, as this was not the first time the spouses were fighting. The child’s custody will be entrusted now to the next-of-kin.

Angry client fires gun at exchange office in Resita

The man went to the exchange office with a banknote, but the cashier refused to take it, saying the bill had a flaw and told him to have it exchanged at a bank. At that point, the young man pulled out a gun and fired two shots inside the exchange office, then walked out. No one was injured. The man did not point the gun at anyone, did not say anything and did not take any money.

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