50 minutes with Plesu and Liiceanu

As of January 23, we’ll have a chance to spend Sunday afternoon with two of the household names of Romanian contemporary culture: Gabriel Liiceanu and Andrei Plesu invite the public of TVR1 to 50 minutes of “mental hygiene”. Dialogues such as “On hope”, “On stupidity” or “What does thinking on your own means?” are the topics which will bring face to face two first-rank cultural personalities: the writer and essayist Andrei Plesu and the philosopher and writer Gabriel Liiceanu, in the show “50 minutes with Plesu and Liiceanu”.

“These are things that trouble each and every one of us, some because we have to put up with them every day, others because they are defining for life itself.

How we live our lives, why we do or say stupid things, why we hate or envy other people, what’s the point in reading, what purpose democracy serves or whether becoming involved in politics is a good thing, these are questions which concern all of us and around which, self-consciously or not, we build our lives,” Gabriel Liiceanu argues, quoted by “Evenimentul Zilei”.

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