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February 3, 2023

Patriciu would support new party

The owner of the “Adevarul” trust, the Liberal Dinu Patriciu, stated, in an interview to “Romania Libera”, that he would gladly back a new party, after criticizing the present political leaders. He is also fairly critical of the recently signed alliance between the Liberals and the Conservatives, the Centre-Right Alliance (ACD). “Parties have to change according to the times, as well. Two young teachers and a young prosecutor, Emil Boc, Crin Antonescu, Victor Ponta. What are we talking of? I’m thinking of people who were trained in grand-scale corporations, who’ve had proper schooling, who know how the world today works. Politics cannot be done as a job and one cannot do politics with employees. Politics has to be conducted by people who are financially independent,” Patriciu stated. When asked whether he would back a young party, the tycoon answered in the affirmative, but repeatedly underlined, during the interview, that, in his quality of a press trust owner, he had to refrain from commenting on political issues. “I am a member of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and I will always be one. However, I am not entitled to voice an opinion, which could reflect on the press trust I run,” he explained. Patriciu stated, in fact, that his involvement in the 2009 campaign had damaged the credibility of the trust: “I believe that a media trust which adopts a firm political stand in a country like Romania is in for a hard landing”. The owner of “Adevarul” argues, on the other hand, that the independence of the media is relative, as market policies inevitably influence editorial policies. When asked if the Liberals had tried to make use of his trust, he replied: “Obviously. It wasn’t just the Liberals, the other parties did as well. I’ve refused and I will always refuse to engage in this type of relation with the political world.”

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