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September 25, 2021

Ruling party plans to oust Senate Speaker

Senate Deputy Speaker Alexandru Peres (PDL) stated that the ruling party plans to introduce on the Senate’s agenda a debate on ousting Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana, Mediafax informs. He suggested the office should go to the Democrat-Liberals who are the main political force. “We are the largest group in the Senate. It’s our right to appoint our Speaker. When we appointed Mr. Geoana there was of course a different political combination, including in the government, there were also negotiations on appointing the Speaker of the Senate,” Peres said. Asked about the way in which Mircea Geoana could be ousted, Alexandru Peres explained that according to the Senate’s statute the Parliamentary group that proposes the Speaker can also revoke him. “It’s all about the vote. If it ends up in a vote Speaker Mircea Geoana could lose his office because PSD does not back him either, but they are sufficiently intelligent to realize that if they play with this office they will lose, so I think they will leave this be and will continue to back him,” Peres said.

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