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July 31, 2021

Private hospital with emergency ward upsets public health authorities

An announcement that a private medical hospital including an emergency ward will be opened near Bucharest’s Floreasca Hospital has created quite a stir. The Floreasca Hospital management lodged complaints with the Health Ministry, claiming that MedLife, the private health operator going to open the private clinic, misinforms public opinion and that the move poses a danger to the safety of Bucharesters.
Raed Arafat, the undersecretary in charge of emergency medicine, told “Evenimenul Zilei” that he disapproves of such unit being opened at the said location. “Within a mere 200 to 300 metres, there will be three large hospitals – Floreasca, Euroclinic and MedLife. The street traffic can’t take such agglomeration, mostly in the unfortunate case of a collective work accident. There runs the risk for the traffic to get jammed and for patients to be unable to receive medical assistance,” Arafat said. In his turn, Bogdan Oprita, spokesman for the Floreasca Hospital, said “this step is extraordinarily dangerous and those who thought to take it acting in diabolical fashion”. “You can’t have two emergency units within five metres from each other,” Oprita said.

MedLife officials replied that they only borrowed a Western-type model and it would be “a first in Europe for a private operator to be unable to implement this model.” Meanwhile, the Bucharest City Hall turned down MedLife’s application for the building at the heart of the controversy to become a hospital. “We have been requested a traffic authorization for a change into a hospital and ambulatory unit, which was denied by the Traffic Commission meeting,” according to a City Hall release.

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