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May 8, 2021

Main suspects in EUR 1 M burglary case fled the country

The Prahova Police Inspectorate yesterday announced that the two young males suspected of stealing one million euros from an empty house in the city of Ploiesti have been issued APBs. Investigators established that they fled the country to Italy.

According to a Prahova County Police release yesterday, the two were unaware of the money before finding and stealing it. Over the weekend, investigators raided two buildings in Ploiesti and seven houses in the Rachieri village, Valea Calugareasca commune, where police found EUR 27,000 with the burglars’ relatives, who were included among the suspects in the case.

Also, the investigators found out that the two chief suspects spent a portion of the money on various goods police found during the searches and that the two fled Romania to Italy. According to the Prahova County Police, Romanian authorities got in touch via formal communications channels with their Italian counterparts towards Italy-bound buses being checked for the two suspects.

Four persons were apprehended at the Arad border crossing point of Nadlac Sunday night into early Monday morning. in connection with the burglary. A border police release states that customs officers found EUR 10,000 in their possession. One of the suspects told investigators he found the money in a hole in the proximity of a ballast unit. Monday night into Tuesday morning, the four men were sent to Prahova County. Later on, one of the four was put under preventive arrest, yet not for theft, but for robbing one of the two burglars. The Police discovered most part of the money in one of the suspect’s home, walled in.

The investigation into the EUR 1 M burglary was launched after a woman reported the burglary to the Police. The money, allegedly hidden in a suitcase, came from real estate deals three years ago.

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