Sandor Pinter: Romania better prepared for Schengen than Bulgaria

Romania could be prepared for Schengen accession however Bulgaria has not fulfilled the technical requirements yet, Hungary’s Internal Affairs Minister Sandor Pinter, stated yesterday in the European Parliament, being quoted by “The experts’ opinion is that for the moment Bulgaria does not fulfill the requirements on its border with Turkey, in the Kapitan Andreevo area. The Bulgarian authorities recognize that and have promised to overcome these problems by mid-March,” Pinter stated in the European Parliament. He added that although Romania, Bulgaria’s neighbor, could be ready from a technical point of view, it’s not possible for the two countries to accede separately to the Schengen Area since they have an important common border. According to, the European Council has refused to present to the European Parliament its reports on the progress that Bulgaria and Romania made in their bids to accede to the Schengen Area. According to MEPs quoted by Bulgaria’s national radio station, the Council argued that the reports are confidential and inconclusive.

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