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January 28, 2022

UDMR: Kelemen and Eckstein present electoral programs

Kelemen Hunor filed, at the office of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR)’s Executive Board, his candidacy to the position of president of the party, together with his electoral program “Union for the community”. He explained that his candidacy folder includes statements from the ten county and territorial organizations of UDMR backing him and the over 10,000 signatures collected from the Union members. He added that his program contains a series of proposed changes, included in his proposals to modify the UDMR Statute, which “will transform radically the way UDMR operates and the approach of the Union”. If he is elected the president of UDMR, Kelemen added, he would initiate, in April, a consultation of all the Union’s organizations, to find out the priorities of the Hungarian community and what the voters expect from UDMR. He further stated that he would set up an Economic Council, with an advisory function, which would be entrusted with the task of preparing an economic recovery program for the present government cycle, until 2012. “I will be talking with every delegate, to persuade each and every one of them to back me in the Congress, in the secret vote,” Kelemen stated.

The presidential advisor Eckstein Kovacs Peter presented, in turn, yesterday, in Cluj, in a press conference, his electoral program based on the principles of “democracy, autonomy and solidarity”. According to the latter, his program is structured in four chapters, which deal with changes in UDMR, changes in the Hungarian minority’s relation with society at large, Hungarian-Hungarian relations and the role of the Hungarians in Romania’s social life. Eckstein would officially file his candidacy today. The third contender for the UDMR presidency is the leader of the UDMR Deputies, Olosz Gergely, who filed his candidacy on Monday.

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