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March 29, 2023

MP Liana Dumitrescu in critical condition

The deputy Liana Dumitrescu suffers from a rare brain disease, which advances at a staggering rate under treatment, preventing her transfer to another clinic, and her condition remains critical, as her vital functions are now sustained by machines, the manager of the Elias Hospital stated, on Wednesday, quoted by Mediafax.

“We are dealing with a fairly rare acute disease. Everything that has been done in the Elias Hospital was in accordance with all international recommendations. We have made huge efforts to save this young woman’s life. She was examined by several teams of specialists, and tests were conducted both in Romania and abroad,” the manager of the Elias Hospital, Prof. Doina Dimulescu, stated, in a press conference.
According to the latter, Dumitrescu received treatment immediately after being hospitalized, but the disease advanced at a very fast pace. When asked whether she had refused to release Liana Dumitrescu’s medical record, as the latter’s family claims, the hospital manager replied the request had been initially made by a person not related to the deputy.

The Elias hospital physicians asked for opinions on the case from specialists in Austria, France, and other countries, where they forwarded the patient’s records for analysis. The reply they received was that everything they had done in Romania was what would have been done in any clinic abroad, according to medical sources.

Dumitrescu, trained as a legal advisor, has been, since 2008, a Neamt deputy, representing the Association of Macedonians in Romania. Dumitrescu also held a deputy mandate in the 2004-2008 Legislature.

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