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March 23, 2023

Orban: A PNL-PSD alliance would favour PDL

PNL Deputy Ludovic Orban once again criticised the decision to form the ACD alliance of PNL and PC, also warning that PDL would benefit from the expected alliance between PNL and PSD. “(…) Why should two political forces unite when their opponent is down? (…) The Democratic Party would hugely benefit if the authentic exponent of the political right migrated to the left,” Orban said yesterday, in an interview with Europa FM. He argued that PNL currently has an upward trend and Liberal President Crin Antonescu enjoys the highest confidence, so the party can expect an electoral score of 25 pc. The Liberal MP also said that the idea of the alliance with the Conservatives exclusively belonged to the PNL leadership and was preceded by no debate in the party. “While I was watching TV, I learned that the president of PNL decided the alliance with PC. It ruined my appetite and made me feel bad. One cannot give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a party that is not validated by the electorate,” Orban said.

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