Battle to unite PNTCD factions

The key figures of the Christian-Democratic National Peasant’s Party (PNTCD) are locked in a new battle regarding the leadership of the party, although they claim the object is joining the warring factions.
Aurelian Pavelescu and Victor Ciorbea, representatives of the two wings of PNTCD, signed a political merger agreement, which stipulates the organizing of an extraordinary Union Congress, on March 12, in Bucharest. According to Ciorbea, the agreement was also signed by the PNTCD leader Ion Diaconescu.
On the other hand, a number of PNTCD members convened, on Saturday, at the Palace of Parliament, and elected Eugen Moiescu, a former member of the Greater Romania Party (PRM), president of the party. Nevertheless, the convention was not acknowledged as statutory by Pavelescu and Ciorbea, who argue it was an action organized by people who have nothing to do with the party.

The president of another faction of PNTCD, Radu Sarbu, also took a stand in the scandal, contesting, in turn, the union agreement between Ciorbea and Pavelescu. “The agreement signed by Victor Ciorbea and Aurelian Pavelescu is not valid, it is merely a personal initiative of the two (…) Victor Ciorbea is nothing but a party member and he joined Pavelescu’s camp out of a political ambition which is difficult to understand,” Sarbu argued.

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