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October 4, 2022

Ex-environment minister launches natural heritage album

The chairman of the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority Petru Lificiu at the end of last week has launched the album “Romania’s Natural Heritage”. The volume contains historical data, descriptions and exhaustive information on natural parks, protected areas, speleological and biosphere reservations on Roma­nian soil. Furthermore, the album features unique photographs of wildlife and flora which make up the country’s natural heritage. “This book is meant to make us see nature through a different lens and to help the Romanian people realize that we live in a wondrous garden. We have an obligation to protect it and to pass it on, without depriving the future generation of the right to admire and enjoy it,” Petru Lificiu stated. He acknowledged that, in creating this album, he had benefited from the support of the Romanian Environmental Forum, while the information and images were collected with the help of a large number of speleologists and photographers. According to the author, the NGOs and small environmental parties in Romania run a number of projects and activities, they organize seminars and tree-planting sessions, but these activities are not enough without the support of the other sectors.

“Unless key figures from the political, scientific and business communities join in, we cannot effectively protect nature and we cannot make our natural heritage known in Europe”. The album “Romania’s Natural Heritage” will soon be available in bookshops at the price of RON 100.

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