Flamenco month kicks off in Bucharest

After a first edition that received an enthusiastic reception from the Bucharest public, the Flamenco Festival returns to the Capital under new auspices. The Embassy of Spain in Romania and the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest invite the public to the 2nd edition of the festival “Classical Flamenco and its New Genres”, – an event dedicated to the tradition and current developments of the art of flamenco – at several cultural locations in the Capital, February 4-March 8, 2011. The event will be hosted by ArCub – Cultural Projects Centre of the Bucharest City Hall, the Romanian Athenaeum, Radio Hall and “Elvira Popescu” film theatre.

This edition brings two tablaos de flamenco: one of which presents classical figures and new talents: cantaor Jesus Chozas, guitarist Rafael Andujar, bilaor Juan Manuel Carrilo and bailaora Ana Alonso, to feature in the collage Flamenco en estado puro. The second show, the Flamenco Course, is performed by the Soniquete Group, made up of Gitano adolescents from Jerez. Before they set up this flamenco dance troupe, they had established an education association aimed at promoting flamenco in their own community.

Festival artists also include three of the best current Spanish musicians – Guitarist Jose Maria Gal­lardo del Rey, pianist Rosa Torres Pardo and Ara Malikian (An Armenian-born naturalized Spa­niard), with the last accompanied by Jose Luis Monton, a genius of the flamenco guitar. The festival’s programme also includes a series of fiction films and documentaries presenting the art of flamenco on the big screen.
Along with Cant de la Sibila of Mallorca and castellets catalane, flamenco was declared part of the Immaterial Heritage of Humanity.


l Tablao Flamenco with Rafael Andujar, Ana Alonso, Juanma Carillo, Jesus Chozas, Feb. 4, 5, 6, 19.30/Ar­CuB (Str. Ba­tistei no 14);

Tickets have been up for sale at the ArCuB Box Office since Jan. 26.

l Guitar Recital: New Spanish Music with Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey – guitar and Roberto Vozmediano – percussion;

Feb. 9, 19.00/Grand Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum (Str. Franklin no 1);

Tickets will be up for sale at the Athenaeum Box Office (tel. no 021 315 68 75) a week before the concert.

l Guitar Recital: Iberia, Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey – guitar

Feb. 10, 19.00/Radio Hall (Str. G-ral. Berthelot, 60-64)

Tickets will be up for sale at the Radiobroadcasting Corporation Box Office (tel. no 021-314.68.00) and through the Eventim chain.

l Spanish Suit – piano recital of Rosa Torres Pardo

Feb.16, 19.00/Grand hall of the Romanian Athenaeum.

l Violin Guitar Duo – flamenco fusion with Ara Malikian and Jose Luis Monton

Feb. 21 and 22, 19.00/Radio Hall (G-ral Berthelot 60-64)

l Asignatura Flamenca/Flamenco Course

l Pop-flamenco concert performed by the group Soniquete de Jerez

Feb. 26 and 17, 19.30/ArCuB Hall (Str. Batistei no 14).

l Flamenco en el cine/Flamenco in films. A series of fiction and documentary films on flamenco, “El­vira Popescu” Film Theatre, the French Institute (Bd. Dacia, 77)

March 4, 19.00 – La leyenda del tiempo (Isaki Lacuesta, 2006)

March 5, 18.00 – Los tarantos (Francisco Rovira Beleta, 1963)

March 5, 20.00 – Alma Gitana (Chuz Gutierrez, 1995)

March 6, 18.00 – El amor brujo (Francisco Rovira Beleta, 1967)

March 6, 20.00 – Camaron (Jaime Chavarri, 2005)

March 7, 18.00 – La leyenda del tiempo

March 7, 20.00 – Vida y color (Santiago Tabernero, 2005)

March 8, 18.00 – Alma Gitana

March 8, 20.00 – Camaron

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