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April 17, 2021

Udrea: I’ve never seen a more democratic president than Traian Basescu

The minister of Regional Development, Elena Udrea, stated, on Sunday evening, in a talk-show on Realitatea TV that she had yet to see “a more democratic president than Traian Basescu”, invoking, as arguments, the freedom of the press and free speech. “I’ve never seen a more democratic president than Traian Basescu, who allows such freedom of the press and freedom of expression to flourish,” Elena Udrea stated. As regards the prime-minister Emil Boc, she characterized him as “courageous”. “He is a courageous prime-minister, one who took full responsibility for the act of government,” Udrea said, adding it was no easy task to be in the prime-minister seat when there’s no money left in the public purse, not even for the payment of pensions and wages, let alone for investments. She further argued it was much easier to be the prime-minister when the money kept rolling in, as was the case during Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s term in office.

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