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February 4, 2023

X-Trade Brokers aims for margin transactions of over EUR 15 bln

X-Trade Brokers, the largest brokerage house in Central and Eastern Europe, plans to report a 66 per cent growth in its transactions in Romania this year, thus reaching annual margin transactions of at least EUR 15 bln, reads a communiqué sent to Nine O’Clock. The minimum sum of RON 2,000 is needed to open an X-Trade Brokers transactions account and the whole sum can be used as a margin to open positions. “Transactions are in fact more accessible too since you can transaction even less, the minimum sum being EUR 100,” Victor Safta, general manager X-Trade Brokers, pointed out. Most of the transactions in Romania are on the forex market where the margin is 1 per cent so that the real volume rolled in transactions on the X-Trade Brokers platform surpassed EUR 70 M in 2010.

On the other hand, the educational component remains a top priority in 2011 too, since “Romania is a market with potential, we have a lot to recover in what concerns education in the financial markets domain,” the general manager underlined. “After two years on the Romanian market we’ve ended up having transaction peaks of over EUR 1 bln per month (on margin) and even in the months of ‘holiday’ we didn’t drop below half a billion Euros – in December 2010 margin transactions stood at EUR 650 M,” Safta added. Moreover, Romanians are starting to fare increasingly well when it comes to efficiency too, the latter reaching 102 per cent per year. X-Trade Brokers entered the Romanian market in 2009 and last year the local customers’ transactions totalled EUR 9 bln (on margin).

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