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April 12, 2021

Belarus criticizes Romania’s presence at donor conference

Bucharest to grant EUR 100,000 in support of Belarus’ civil society.

Belarusian charge d’affaires to Bucharest Sergey Molunov has criticized Romania’s decision to attend the Donor Conference for Belarus, labeling it as an unfriendly gesture.

“The Donor Conference for Belarus is taking place in Warsaw, being attended by Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi. The purpose of this conference is to collect money in order to finance the opposition in Belarus. I don’t know, maybe everything is fine in Romania so that it can afford financing the Belarusian opposition,” Molunov stated during a press conference.

Sergey Molunov added that Romania during Ceausescu’s time had been a unique model of a state showing it can pay all by itself the foreign debts. He opined this move was not to the liking of the international financial institutions.

“We respect Romania’s choice but officially I want to tell you that the Belarusian side considers Romania’s participation in this conference an unfriendly step in its relation with Belarus. And, by taking part in this conference, Romania takes upon itself a part of the responsibility for the possible worsening of bilateral relations,” he said. Asked whether he has resorted to an official formula in which to transmit Minsk’s dissatisfaction with Romania’s action to the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Molunov pointed out that the issue has not been raised and that the Belarusian side “is in favor of good neighborliness with all countries.”

Likewise, Molunov stated that he hopes that the Belarusian Foreign Minister’s visit to Romania, scheduled this year, will take place and will be a good opportunity for direct talks.

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi attended yesterday the international donor conference for Belarus in Warsaw. Baconschi stated, quoted by Mediafax, that Romania would grant EUR 100,000 to support the civil society from Belarus. Asked to comment on the Belarusian charges d’affaires in Bucharest, Romanian FM said our country encourages the democratic evolutions in the European vicinity and the presence at the Donor Conference is a signal in this respect. “If Minsk administration shows good will in starting a normal partnership with the opposition and civil society, then the dialogue between Belarus and EU will definitely follow a positive line,” said Baconshi.

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