More arrests in EUR 1 M theft case

Seven more persons were arrested in connection with the theft of EUR 1 M from a house in the city of Ploiesti, with the suspect tally reaching nine. According to yesterday’s release by the Prahova County police Inspectorate, nine persons have so far been issued preventive arrest warrants in a case surrounding a EUR 1 M theft reported by a Ploiesti woman.

According to the release, three persons are detained in the Prahova Police prison compound, including 16-year-old Alexandru Tanase upon whom nearly EUR 120,000 was found when he was held by police last week. Also under arrest, there are two men suspected to have robbed Alexandru Tanase of a portion of the stolen money. Six more individuals were issued arrest warrants in absentia, one of whom is the other main suspect in the case, a 21-year-old man from Valea Calugareasca, about whom police said they had received information he would have fled to Italy. The other five suspects are from the commune of Valea Calugareasca and the city of Ploiesti.

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