Ponta, Antonescu will reportedly co-chair future alliance

The broad opposition alliance between the Social Democrat Party and the Centre-Right Alliance (made of Liberals and Conservatives) will probably be called the Social-Liberal Union and will have no joint leadership structures. The alliance’s political activity will be managed by two co-presidents, who will be PSD leader Victor Ponta and PNL leader Crin Antonescu, sources from both parties told Mediafax yesterday. The comments came as leaders of PSD, PNL and PC were scheduled to have another meeting yesterday afternoon to put the finishing touches on their alliance protocol. According to the sources, the alliance protocol will be signed by Ponta and Antonescu at the Palace of Parliament on Saturday, after their parties’ leaderships give their vote in favour of the new structure. The joint protocol includes the principles on which the parties will establish their candidacies in local, legislative and presidential elections, but also how positions would be divided in a possible common government.

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