“Ethnic autonomy – UDMR’s only wish”

The Opposition is tightening its ranks and seems decided to topple the government and suspend the president of Romania. However, it cannot do this without support from UDMR. And UDMR, through Mr. Marko Bela, voices stronger than ever its demand for authonomy on ethnic criteria. Is there a chance for UDMR’s blackmail to succeed, this time?

– No, UDMR has repeated this idea for many years, in different voices and situations. UDMR leaders use this as an incantation to hypnotise their captive electorate. In fact, recently, at the Parliamentary Assembly of Strasbourg, President Traian Basescu firmly stated: we support the idea of local administrative autonomy for everybody, but not on ethnic criteria. And the added that he would be happy if the Romanian minority living in Hungary would have the same rights as the ethnic Hungarians who live in Romania. The latter should realise that it is their own people who are leading the local administrations of Harghita and Covasna, for example, and they did not perform very well. Ethnic autonomy is UDMR’s only wish that remained unfulfilled, because it has achieved all its other goals.

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