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October 5, 2022

PDL strongly denounces new union, UDMR calls it ‘interesting’

The new political union has been harshly denounced by the Democrat-Liberals as well as by the independents, while, beyond criticism, UDMR called the new construction interesting. ‘The socialist-populist alliance defends and consolidates the state created by Ion Iliescu. (…) In Romania we have had a state that has not encouraged labour, but laziness, we have had a state of Mr. Ion Iliescu’s, one that has made the Romanian people keep begging’, said PDL president Emil Boc from Alba Iulia, where he went for the election of the county leaders of PDL. PDL secretary-general Vasile Blaga says PSD is not doing much better in the polls compared to the last election. ‘Nothing new, just an older relationship formalised. They have had common projects, the most important of them being the one. It is an alliance the president defeated in 2009’, tourism minister Elena Udrea said, in turn.

The executive president of the Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), Gabriel Oprea, also said, on Saturday, that, by setting up the Social-Liberal Alliance, ‘PSD and PNL had chosen the hypocritical way of a marriage of convenience’: ‘This alliance is the expression of the impotence of the leaders of those parties. Neither the Social-Democrat nor the Liberal leaders are able to assume their own way in accordance with the principles and values they believe in’, Oprea said. UNPR honorary president Cristian Diaconescu, in turn, says he has received signals indicating that the alliance created by PSD and ACD, ‘a political surrogate obviously born from communist contrivance’, had generated concerns in the European Parliament. ‘Should we expect PNL representatives will vote with the Socialists? That would be a historic first in the European Parliament’, He said.

As far as UDMR is concerned, it has sent, via executive vice-president Laszlo Borbely, a message that may be classified as deceptive if compared against the Union’s firm stance of remaining in the coalition with PDL up until 2012. Borbely said the new alliance made by PSD, PML and PC was ‘interesting’. ‘It is an interesting alliance. (…) We will need to see what happens next, how this alliance will define its role on the Romanian political arena and what messages it will send. I also understand they have come to an agreement regarding the programmes on how to reconcile a Social-Democratic and a clearly Liberal ideology PNL has had so far and, obviously., we will see how functional and viable the alliance is in election’, Borbely said.

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