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February 9, 2023

Elena Basescu: Roma are the country’s future

“The Roma are the largest ethnic minority in the EU at present, as well as one most sorely oppressed throughout history. During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Roma were killed and persecuted. Sadly, only some member states acknowledged the extermination of the Roma was, in fact, an act of genocide,” Elena Basescu argued, in a written statement addressed to the European Parliament.

“To honour the memory of the victims and as a mark of profound respect to the Roma survivors of the Holocaust, the Romanian president acknowledged, in 2007, the atrocities suffered by the Roma and offered the class 3 ‘Faithful Services’ National Cross to the three Roma who survived the genocide. Roma are a part of Romania’s future, the future of a European Romania. The tragedy of the Holocaust is, now, a part of our collective memory. I take this occasion to welcome one of the Hungarian Presidency’s priorities, that is, the Roma Integration Strategy. The best commemoration is one that is future-oriented. In each member state, we have to look back on the centuries of history which included the Roma and to consolidate this initiative for the Roma living here and now. They are free European citizens, with equal rights. We should, also, create the pre-conditions needed for the free circulation of the Roma, ensuring they will not be expulsed again. We need a community that is in perfect harmony with contemporary society,” the president’s daughter concluded.

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