Investigation into Uricani mine blast resumed

The probe into the Uricani mine blast will be resumed today, according to Antena 3. Experts from the Petrosani National Coal Company decided to go down in the mine on Wednesday morning. The Uricani mine was closed down on account of the underground gas accumulation. All the areas adjacent to the scene of the accident will be monitored. The survey will help the prosecutors and the labour inspectors trace the causes of the deflagrations and the culprits. Five miners were killed in a blast which occurred 400 metres underground. The rescue team was faced with an extremely difficult task and it took them eight hours to retrieve the remains.

The four miners, alongside the foreman, went down in the mine on Saturday morning to fix one of the transformers. The methane blast occurred around 3 pm, the moment the electric panel was switched on.
The government on Wednesday approved the assignment of an emergency aide worth RON 12,500 for the five victims’ families, Hotnews informs. Also, the aide will come in the form of monthly study grants for the families’ children, from RON 170 per month for first to fifth graders to RON 280 for high school students.

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