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April 15, 2021

Perfect Leasing, Porsche’s offer to lower leasing installments by 30 pc

Porsche Leasing, a member of Porsche Finance Group, has launched yesterday a new financial leasing product. According to company officials, Perfect Leasing is currently the cheapest solution on the market, its installments being lower by as much as 30 per cent compared to classical leasing solutions.

“Perfect Leasing is based on the depreciation principle and its leasing installments are calculated by starting off from the car’s real residual value determined by the contract’s length, the number of kilometers set through the contract, the car’s brand and model, its engine options, the manner of use, its maintenance and moral wear and tear,” Kurt Leitner, CEO Porsche Finance Group Romania, stated during a press conference. This type of financing is available for brands sold by Porsche Romania and for both physical persons and companies.

At the start of the contract the client offers an estimate of the number of kilometers he will drive, the monthly installment being set on the basis of that estimate. Buying a new vehicle through Perfect Leasing entails: 15-40 per cent down payment, contract duration of 12 to 60 months and monthly installments calculated on the basis of the vehicle’s real residual value.

For a price estimate Helian Redai, Head of Sales and Marketing Division at Porsche Finance Group Romania gave the case of a new Volkswagen Golf as an example. The car has a price of EUR 16,000, an estimated value of EUR 8,100 if used in normal conditions for 4 years and 40,000 kilometers on the clock. At a down payment of 20 per cent through classical leasing the monthly installment stands at EUR 292, with EUR 17,500 being paid in four years. The residual value will be EUR 1,600. Through Perfect Leasing the monthly rate would stand at EUR 179, EUR 12,000 would be paid in four years and the sum left to be paid will be EUR 8,100.

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