Basescu: No discrimination accepted

In an interview with the public radio (RRA), President Traian Basescu said Romania will not accept any other standards but the ones applicable to all other states, in what Schengen accession is concerned. “I too, agree with higher standards regarding EU borders, but our country has no reason to hide under a table and act humbly in the matter, as acquis requirements must be respected first and foremost,” he said. The head of state also said the country should give up “certain politeness issues.” “We have had too many European dignitaries telling us what to do and how to do it, but the European Union has several millions immigrants and they did not get in through Romania’s borders, they came through customs that are already part of Schengen area” he told RRA.The president also said this is Romania’s political fight and “we must not give up and continue to ask for the same standards being applied.”
“No discrimination will be accepted for Romanians within the European Union,” Basescu concluded.

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