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December 9, 2022

Customs with bling as Vladivostok office prank goes viral

VLADIVOSTOK – A humorous R&B video allegedly featuring Vladivostok’s customs officers has given Russian Internet users much to talk about – though opinions are divided on whether or not the clip is actually offensive.

Staff in the Far Eastern port city chose to mimic the glamourous likes of US diva Beyonce, pictured above in concert in Moscow, to shoot a fun project for a corporate New Year party, The Moscow News reports. A customs source told Komsomolskaya Pravda that it was never meant to reach the public gaze.

But Victoria Shamayeva, a representative of the customs office press service, said that there will be “an investigation” into how the video wound up on the internet, and whether or not the people starring in it are actual members of Russian customs.

The video features, among other things, half naked women covering themselves up with what appear to be customs declarations, champagne popping in the office, and a fat man in a Batman suit.

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