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December 3, 2022

“Croissant and milk” programme useful for school food fights

An analysis on the impact and efficiency of the “croissant and milk” programme reveals that pupils in rural areas use the food products, which are often of poor quality or expired, to feed livestock, while those in urban areas use them in food fights or as soccer ball substitutes. At the same time, teachers are frustrated that they have to distribute the aforementioned food products. The survey points out that the products are consumed in a larger extent in rural areas where they represent an important source of food, especially in the case of ethnic Roma children that come to school motivated by this snack. Even so, many of the pupils refuse eating the products because of their poor quality. Teachers in large schools are also dissatisfied because the distribution of the products falls on their shoulders, calling for more time and effort on their part. The analysis was financed by the government and conducted by the Foundation for Social Recovery, Inclusion and Promotion. The “milk and croissant” programme was introduced in schools during the Nastase Government in 2002, with an average of over 2 million children benefiting from it annually.

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