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March 30, 2023

Two suspect deaths at Albita customs checkpoint

Vaslui customs officers have filed a criminal case over the suspect death of a Greek national whose corpse was found on the backseat of a car at the Albita customs checkpoint Saturday morning. The couple in the car told customs officers that the 83 year old man who was lying in the backseat of the car was sleeping. According to the customs police, the dead man’s son-in-law was the driver and his wife was seated in the right front seat. “The husband and his wife told us they had been trying to speak to the old man, when they noticed that he was dead,” Irina Mirica, spokeswoman for the Vaslui County Police Inspectorate, said. In a separate incident, also at the Albita checkpoint, a 47 year old Bulgarian truck driver died during a routine customs check Saturday at the entry point from the Republic of Moldova. According to the IJPF Vaslui, the man fell sick all of a sudden and collapsed while customs officers were checking the truck containing empty jars and bottles, on its way to Bulgaria.

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