Valentine’s Day vs. Dragobete

Some Romanian artists prefer the Dragobete, the Romanian equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day, and they are not reluctant to celebrate it.

For George Ivascu, the director of the Metropolis Theatre in Bucharest, Valentine’s Day is a special time for two reasons: it is the birthday of his wife, Alice Barb, and it is a feast dedicated to love, Mediafax reports. Further­more, Ivascu’s own birthday is on February 15. Whereas, in the past two years, George Ivascu and Alice Barb celebrated this occasion by romantic trips to Venice or London, this year they have to work. February 14 marks the premiere of the play “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Alice Barb, at the Tandarica Theatre. “I believe every human being needs love and I wish it could be Lovers’ Day 365 days a year,” the artist stated. The soprano Amelia Antoniu argues she prefers the feast of Dragobete – celebrated on February 24 -, although Valentine’s Day is supposed to mean the same. “As Romanians, we are loyal to the tradition of Dragobete and we will celebrate it this year also, especially as now we are waiting for the baby, so we will have lots of love,” Amelia Antoniu stated, on Friday, for Mediafax. On Saturday, the soprano gave birth to a baby girl, by Caesarean section, at the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital.

The soloist of Holograf, Dan Bittman, stated he would have two Valentine’s Day concerts, in Brasov and Constanta. The artist argued he did not believe in Valentine’s Day, whereas Dragobete is “something else”. “It’s a holiday of our own. I’ve had some memorable shows on Dragobete,” he added. The frontman of Directia 5, Marian Ionescu, stated his band would offer a concert at Bucharest’s Palace Hall on Valentine’s Day. “I believe in Valentine’s Day. I think there’s nothing wrong with a couple having a day a year allotted to romantic moments,” he stated.

For singer Florin Chilian, the Dragobete is a holiday with a long tradition, which the people should recover. “I’ve never performed on Valentine’s Day. I have on Dragobete, though. I will perform, part in the “10 days of love” event at the Palace Hall. I’m fairly fed up with this imported rubbish, St. Valentine’s Day and Santa Claus. This feast of the Dragobete is a beautiful tradition. We should start recovering our own traditions,” Chilian argued.

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