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May 18, 2021

Catholic Church against iPhone confessions

The Catholic Church does not approve of confession by iPhone, as the forgiveness of sins presumes the physical presence of the confessor, for this sacrament to be performed, Mediafax reports. Ne­vertheless, the Church encourages the use of applications, as digital media, for introspection and prayer, representatives of the Bucharest Roman Catholic Archbishopric (ARCB) argue.

“(…) No iPhone application can replace confession or offer forgiveness of one’s sins. As a consequence, we cannot speak of ‘Confession by iPhone’,” is stated in a release issued on by the Bucharest Roman Catholic Archbishopric. ARCB representatives explain that, in order to help the “penitents” prepare more thoroughly for the sacrament, the Catholic Church provided them, in catechisms and prayer books, with various types of quizzes to make them examine their conscience, as well as special prayers. According to BBC News Online, the Catholic Church approved the launch of an iPhone application to help the Christians keep score of their sins and, thus, be better prepared for confessions. The confession application is already on offer in Apple’s virtual shop, iTunes, and costs USD 1.99. The launch of this application comes shortly after Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the Christians to use the new media, provided they keep their decency and their real-life friends. In his address to the Catholics on Communication Day (January 24), the Pope advised Internet-users to act respectfully, responsibly, honestly and discreetly. At the same time, the Sovereign Pontiff had some words of advice for bloggers who wish to spread the Word of the Gospel on the Internet, arguing their main purpose should not be higher traffic.

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